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Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Rx Notice

Buying CPAP replacement parts i.e.

(CPAP mask assembly kits) does not require a prescription and ensures everyone struggling with sleep apnea can enjoy a full night’s rest! Simply select your mask size and add to your cart.

The CPAP Frame, Cushions and Headgear are packaged separately but will ship together.

A Prescription Is Required for all CPAP machines and Humidifiers. Please refer to our Prescription Policy if you have questions.

Our Prescription Policy

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FAA Approved, DOT & FDA Certified


  • Type II (7 Channel) Home Sleep Apnea Test
  • No prescription is required
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Your test data will be available within 5-7 business days!


Looking for a simple solution to diagnosing and treating sleep apnea...start with our at home sleep test. We will send a sleep test unit to your home. Follow the instructions provided, sleep with the test unit for one night and send it back to us via pre-paid shipping.

Our sleep testing process is overseen by our Board Certified Sleep Physicians.

An independent board-certified sleep physician at Good Sleep will review the data captured by the home sleep test unit, which includes blood oxygen saturation, breathing patterns, respiratory effort, body position, heart rhythms, and other bioelectric information. You will be notified of the results of your test. Should sleep apnea be detected, the physician will also have recommendations/ a Doctor's Note for your treatment.

*** No Prescription Required If Paying Out-Of -Pocket ***