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Instead of participating in a lengthy and expensive sleep study, a home sleep test is a reliable and widely accepted way to diagnose sleep apnea. GoodSleep provides fast and affordable home test units and diagnosis for sleep apnea. The GoodSleep home sleep test meets or exceeds all requirements of the Department of Transportation as well as sleep test industry standards for diagnosing sleep apnea (a necessary requirement for maintaining a commercial driving license). Learn more about our process below.

1: Ordering The Home Sleep Test Unit

Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea starts by ordering a home sleep test unit from Good Sleep.

  • Select your preferred device and choose “Add To Cart”.
  • Select “Check Out” to complete your order with a debit or credit card or “Paypal” to pay with your Paypal account.
    • Paypal will redirect you to their check out page.
    • If you are paying with a debit or credit card, input contact information and a shipping address.
  • Select “Continue to Shipping Method”.
  • Choose your shipping method. Choose between
    • Standard Shipping
    • Express 2-Day Shipping
    • Overnight Shipping
  • Select “Continue to Payment Method”.
  • Input your credit/debit card information or select “Paypal”.
  • Update your billing address if it is different than the shipping address previously entered.
  • Select “Save my information for faster checkout” to make ordering replacement supplies simpler.
  • Select “Complete Order”.

You will soon receive your home sleep test unit in the mail at which point you can move on to step 2 (performing the home sleep test).

2: Performing The Home Sleep Test

     Setting up your WatchPAT ONE home sleep test unit

    1. Ensure you have the necessary items and information for set up.
      1. WatchPAT ONE
      2. Smartphone
      3. Internet access
      4. PIN (provided by physician)
    2. Download WatchPAT ONE app.
      1. Available through App Store and Google Play
      2. Open the app and accept all permission requests from the app
    3. Set up the WatchPAT ONE.
      1. Press the preview button on the WatchPAT One app to get step-by-step instructions
      2. Insert the provided battery into the back of the WatchPAT One device
      3. The indicator light will blink green to show that the device is activated
    4. Prepare your hand to wear the WatchPAT One.
      1. Don't wear any lotions or hand creams on the hand where the device will be placed
      2. Trim the fingernail of the finger that will have the sensor on it.
      3. Remove any nail polish or artificial nail where the finger sensor will be placed
      4. Take off all jewelry from your non-dominant hand
    5. Enter the 4-digit PIN provided to you into the WatchPAT app.
    6. Put on the snoring and body position sensor.
      1. Feed the sensor underneath your pajama sleeve 
      2. Remove the sticker on the sensor and stick the check sensor just below your sternal notch
      3. Place medical tape over the chest sensor to ensure it stays in position
    7. Strap the WatchPAT ONE wrist device to your non-dominant hand.
      1. Ensure that it is tight enough to not move around, but not tight enough to constrict your hand
    8. Put on the heart rate monitoring finger sensor.
      1. Place your pointer finger into the sensor
      2. With the sensor on, push down firmly against a flat surface
      3. Pull out the tab that is in the finger sensor
    9. Start recording your sleep apnea test.
      1. Your smartphone must remain within 15 feet of where you are sleeping
      2. Plug in your phone so that the test won't cut off due to loss of battery
      3. Go to sleep
      4. Leave your phone plugged in, even if you have to get up at night. The recording will continue when you are back in range

    In The Morning

    1. Turn off recording when you get up.
    2. Allow your phone to complete the sleep data transmission.
    3. You can take off the WatchPAT ONE device as the information transmits.
    4. Close the app once you receive the thank you message.
    5. Dispose of the device once you have finished sending the information.

    3: Reviewing The Results of Your Home Sleep Study

    Good Sleep works with board-certified sleep physicians to evaluate the results of your home sleep study.

    The home sleep test gathers specific data used to detect sleep apnea:

    • blood oxygen saturation
    • breathing patterns
    • heart rhythms
    • body position
    • snoring

    A Good Sleep physician will review your data and write a complete interpretation with treatment recommendations. A Good Sleep Patient Care Representative will then contact you to go over the results of your test. Should you be diagnosed with sleep apnea, they will also discuss your treatment options with you. Good Sleep physicians usually recommend treating sleep apnea with the use of an AutoPAP machine. Other treatments for obstructive sleep apnea include CPAP machines, dental appliances, weight loss, and surgeries.

    4: Ordering The AutoPAP Machine 

    Positive Airway Pressure or PAP treatment involves breathing room air at a higher pressure through a mask that covers the nose and/or mouth. The air pressure works like a mechanical splint to hold the airway open during sleep, allowing the patient to breathe normally and stay asleep.

    An AutoPAP machine delivers low-pressure air at first, making it easier to fall asleep. Then it gradually increases the pressure of the air coming through the nasal cannula as you enter deeper levels of sleep (the obstructed phases of sleep). This allows you to fall asleep more comfortably and stay asleep throughout the night.

    Most patients are more familiar with a CPAP machine. These devices supply a steady pressure of air throughout use. While high pressured airflow is beneficial during the obstructed phase of your sleep, it is not necessary until then. Many patients find the CPAP machine makes falling asleep more difficult. This is why we recommend an AutoPAP machine for treating sleep apnea.

    The Good Sleep AutoPap machine can be ordered easiest through the Good Sleep website. If you have trouble with this process, you can order your device over the phone by calling  940-465-3822.


    Good Sleep physicians recommend patients adhere to a regular schedule for replacing integral components of the AutoPAP machine. This will help maintain the optimal functionality of your sleep apnea treatment device. Good Sleep offers discounted supply replacements for our patients once every six months, so you can maintain your health affordably. You will also receive an email notification when it’s time to order new supplies.

    Good Sleep Is Your Source For Fast And Affordable Sleep Apnea Help

    Good Sleep has worked hard to make sure that our sleep apnea testing and treatment process is as easy and straightforward as possible. But if you have specific questions that you would like to ask us about our home sleep test, our equipment, or anything else about our process, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions so you can start treating your sleep apnea today.



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