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Insurance Participation Policy

GoodSleepHealthcareSolutions is a Self Pay Only medical supply distributor that does not accept insurance assignments or file any insurance claims for any reason. GoodSleepHealthcareSolutions does not have an NPI number, and is not a participating provider with any insurance companies. We do provide our customers with an insurance compliant, itemized invoice that contains applicable insurance billing code(s) for each item purchased. These invoices may be used to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. You may be eligible to submit a claim to your insurance provider on your own behalf if you have out of network benefits.

GoodSleepHealthcareSolutions is out of network for private insurance companies. Check with your private insurer to see if they will reimburse your purchase. Medicare, Medicaid and other government run healthcare programs will not reimburse GoodSleepHealthcareSolutions  purchases.

Purchasing through GoodSleepHealthcareSolutions  is often cheaper than the deductible and copay through your insurance. 

If you are self filing an insurance claim enter the company name as  which is GoodSleepHealthcareSolutions. Use the Tax ID of "464520278"

 Need Help Filing For Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses? Contact Us! 

Please Note:GoodSleepHealthcareSolutions can only provide general instructions for our patients. We cannot determine the policies and procedures for each insurance company and therefore cannot guarantee that information given is accurate for YOUR specific policy.