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Tubing Sleeve for 6 Foot CPAP Hose

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(CPAP mask assembly kits) does not require a prescription and ensures everyone struggling with sleep apnea can enjoy a full night’s rest! Simply select your mask size and add to your cart.

The CPAP Frame, Cushions and Headgear are packaged separately but will ship together.

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Designed to prevent condensation and rainout in your CPAP hose, the Apex Tubing Sleeve for 6 Foot CPAP Hoses features a simplistic design and helps increase comfort.

Learn More About the Apex Tubing Sleeve for 6 Foot CPAP Hoses:

  • Fabric Sleeve Reduces Rainout Inside the Hose
  • Easy–to–Use Simplistic Design
  • Enhances Comfort and Protects Furniture