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CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

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Buying CPAP replacement parts i.e.

(CPAP mask assembly kits) does not require a prescription and ensures everyone struggling with sleep apnea can enjoy a full night’s rest! Simply select your mask size and add to your cart.

The CPAP Frame, Cushions and Headgear are packaged separately but will ship together.

A Prescription Is Required for all CPAP machines and Humidifiers. Please refer to our Prescription Policy if you have questions.

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The VastMedic offers a super functional cleaning appliance that can take care of not only your CPAP therapy equipment but also different kinds of everyday carry belongings. It is one of the more affordable units, yet it still provides pretty good cleaning results.

To make this product extra efficient, the manufacturer equipped it with a durable UV light and Ozone purifier. Such a combination eliminates all the microbes and bacteria that may sit on your CPAP masks, hoses, and other items.

This cleaner is one of the most universal units you can find so far. Thanks to special ports, it is suitable for disinfecting hoses of different lengths and sizes. The set of this model also includes 2 adapters that allow for connecting 15 and 22-mm hoses, which is the standard size of most CPAP devices.

The other important thing is that this cleaning machine is super silent. Thus, you can start the disinfection and take a rest, and the cleaner won’t disturb you with loud work. Also, the cleansing time is not too long - around 5 minutes.

Overall, with the VastMedic Household UV Light Cleaner, you will be able to disinfect your CPAP masks and hoses, keys, makeup tools, and many other items. It offers a fast and quiet cleaning, which makes it such a great choice for everybody.


1. Safe to use: Thoroughly clean your CPAP materials and other medical equipment by removing 99% of bacteria in every disinfection cycle. It keeps your masks and hoses free from viruses and bacterial growth after every use. Use every day and/or as necessary.

2. High compatibility with CPAP machine: This cleaner and sanitizer are compatible with different kinds of CPAP machines with their heated hose and mini adapters. It comes with dual-mode for the appropriate disinfection process to be used.

3. Versatile and multifunctional use: Disinfect and clean different CPAP masks and accessories that can fit into the compartment. It can even be used to sanitize a wide range of household and medical products such as dentures and toothbrushes. 

sleep apnea cleaning machine
CPAP mask sanitizer
UV CPAP cleaner

4. Affordable disinfectant and sanitizer: Worry no more with this affordable disinfectant. However, although this sanitizer comes at a cheaper price, you get a high-quality product that will not compromise your health.